ROBLOX PIGGY Flushed Me Down my HOT TUB! (Book 2 Chapter 7 PORT Gameplay/Skit w/ Knock Knock)
Piggy Strikes Again! This time in my own Backyard! So the fam and I get some saaaweeet revenge in the PORT! Thumbs up for Chapter 7 and Knock Knock!
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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      Can i join you my brother saw you she wnet to play piggybook 2 and she told me she saw you

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      Daisha Business

      Go and is today and Oh and Easter day and get all the kids a piggy thing no get all the keys and then go in the scape the dean get the white key and fight somewhere and get the hammer to the Easter day

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    Brandon Pisani

    Lol he said kreek craft

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    10:12 Shawn probley was only using half of his powers

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    4:41 Shawn was soo cute

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    Hi piggy🤣

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    when u almost finish the hardest game in the world but u died: 11:26

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    Good Guys

    Fgteev: THIS IS FAMILY FRIENDLY Later Fgteev not being FAMILY FRIENDLY Me:…….what’s wrong!?!

  • dalel zribi
    dalel zribi

    i dare you to you how to get friend skin or trap play book 2 chapter 7 get 5 eyes click brown wall kill you friend bot and BOOM get skin or trap friend NOT FRIEND YOU THIS PIGGY FRIEND DARK soon play chapter 9 get 5 eyes too where wall purple and kill you trap dark and BOOM get trap dark yes or no?

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    I love you Mr. beast

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    Fgteev duddy's more funnier in that game and I seen that game before called piggy what your guys playing but I never play with it but I still like your game and I It download it I still like your pain and videos

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    Faisal Alrasheed

    Everyone Of your house can’t beat this chapter

  • Haweiya Egeh
    Haweiya Egeh

    Lex: You died? Duddy: Yes I will go see jeses what food do you have in heaven. Me: who asks that

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    Mihai Attila Marton

    yes cool skin seny

  • Mihai Attila Marton
    Mihai Attila Marton

    Yes cool skin

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    I don't have robuxs to buy that😔😔 no thanks!!

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    SHAWN Just said… what the FRIK!

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    Shawn's music SHEESH

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    Shaniy queen

    Remember that yellow head thing he's actually a dolphin is actually infected

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    Nobody talks the fact that their youtube name "FGTeeV" Is pronouced "FGTV"

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    uH dADDy SOmethiNGs wROng wITh My FAcE

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    I like is when the music starts when it lights

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    Webs unicorn canciones estrellita EMILY oro EMILY oro EMILY mllz unicorn

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    I like the piggy

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    Romel Locreto

    Why mike go to his mommy and his mom died but doing dishes is good

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    would have liked it more in the skit if piggy turned off the heat and went to pull up duddy and she just pulled up a skeleton

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    Karryle Dichosa

    my other account has been with you since 10 mil subs! and now your near 20 mil! keep it up!

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    He hit piggy so hard piggy got busted

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    I can found you in you put:(


    What's your number?

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    Can you play one Pokémon vid again I loved the Pokémon vids

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    There is a chapter ten In piggy

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    Showdow monsters

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    nathaniel zeus skyler caronongan

    imagine ur the actor behide the piggy

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    Os pedros shorts

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    Oh my god is piggy

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    If duddy says he’s fat use the penguin body on roblox

  • Rosalie Rebortura
    Rosalie Rebortura

    Piggy: TIME TO FLUSH! me: uh help im inside the toilet and piggy is flushing me *Flushes* Me: DUDDZ?! Duddz: hi Sara Me: SARA?! IM NOT SARA Duddz: oop whats your name then Me: Kailee Duddz: hi kailee *Later* My mom: sweetie time for- My mom: *freaked out* My mom: DARLING COME TO KAILEE 'S ROOM My dad: ye- My dad: WHERES KAILEE?! My mom: I DONT KNOW! Me: MOM DAD HELP ME IM INSIDE THE TOILET my mom: OH MY GOODNESS SHES INSIDE THE TOILET I SEE HER HAND My dad: WHAT!!!!!! Piggy: Time to die kailee's mom! HEHE My mom: AHHHHHHHHH My dad: What a dead b-body DARLING WAKE UP Piggy: Die die My dad: AHHHHH *dies* Edit: sorry if it long

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    Apryl Fincham

    you guys shold play brookhaven

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    FG TV I’m a big fan what’s your name in Roblox I wanna add you because I have a blocks

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    - Lay

    How was your mom the last one alive you guys are all better than her that’s just sad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    that was friend when that black monster came out of the house his name is friend 19:15

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    Fgteev Play brookhaven in roblok

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    Budgey is ivol

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    Bayi is ivol

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    Uh i think the starcode is lAnKYbOx

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    4:45 is so funny I died so much

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    Baby Ann Sangacena

    Can i join you my brother saw you play roblox she play piggybook 2 and she walk and she follow you and your gone so i want to see it to you i don,t have robux

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      Baby Ann Sangacena

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    And I also read the book my favorite part is when they first get in the shop it was old person shop

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    Brian Urban

    My friend at school has the fgteev Saves the World book

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    Alexander Gamer Davis

    i was laughing when shawn was saying aim my bot! aim my bot! aim my bot!

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    Alexander Gamer Davis

    kreekcraft was my not added buddy in roblox work at a pizza place

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    Alexander Gamer Davis

    hi fgteev its cool that you can sprint sprinting is so helpful to escape piggy

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    Omg I love your. Family

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    'I am your captain,captain hook' me-Heh pretty catchy

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    9:15 i laughed so hard in this part lol

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    hey fgteev chapter 10 is out go check it out

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    Star code realkreek

  • A Walk Through The Word
    A Walk Through The Word

    When Feegee shot piggy Chase was ducking down so he doesn't get shot

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    Guppy Pollock

    4:49 "poopy nuggy on my nuggies" shawn 2021

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    Jairo Galindo

    Press spirnt

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    Timberly Skinner

    the gun that lex had is a ak 40 7

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    16:31 chase wearing preston merch

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    Chase Is Wearing PrestonPlayz Merch

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    Illuminati confirmed? Holy sheesh??

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    You r L

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    unicorn kitty game

    fgteev can i hawe your robox 7865.76k kittyauni90 plz

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Parodyk Kamuolį