FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Sirenhead Rescue! (Zara Larsson x FGTeeV ROBLOX Dance Off Collab)
Zara Larsson, Lex and FeeGee all headed to Friday Night Funkin in Roblox but... Sirenhead caught up with us so we handled some biz before the Dance Off! Y'all give it up for our amazing Guest!! Pre-order New FGTeeV's Psycho Pig Party Pack:
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Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    Rachael McCarthy


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    jhaiden lovendino


  • Jaiden One
    Jaiden One

    Cause it was made on Newgrounds

  • Jaiden One
    Jaiden One

    The real game is not for kids

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson

    Can you do the cartoon cat game

  • Tomy Jerry
    Tomy Jerry

    Like Scary Video Call

  • Tomy Jerry
    Tomy Jerry

    Can You Play Lolipop

  • Tomy Jerry
    Tomy Jerry

    Im Your Big Fan Of You

  • Raha Gull
    Raha Gull

    Hello ladies something and Punkin and then you're dumb

  • Raha Gull
    Raha Gull

    Hello ladies something and Punkin and then you're dumb

  • Saydie Serna
    Saydie Serna

    you should try 'Literally FNF' in Roblox. It's not multiplayer tho.

  • Deborah San Jose
    Deborah San Jose

    Zarlar you're very nice and you're game in the Roblox is very cool

  • Deborah San Jose
    Deborah San Jose

    Pls play Friday night funkin

  • Elvi Nugraha
    Elvi Nugraha

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  • Elvi Nugraha
    Elvi Nugraha

    humapupa maui h~`

  • Elvi Nugraha
    Elvi Nugraha

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  • Elvi Nugraha
    Elvi Nugraha

    roblox panda forme you have chubby mom time

  • Garcello

    His Roblox Shirt Will Never Die

  • Тома Манолов
    Тома Манолов

    Fgteev can we BE frineds

  • Irfan Shah
    Irfan Shah

    oh wow a speaker on A SPEAKeR

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    md lazi

    Tru expurgation fgteev

  • md lazi
    md lazi

    I love fnf

  • md lazi
    md lazi

    Fnf I going to create a mod gab and bobchee and gab is 21 years old bobchee 20 years old

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    Khalid Fahd


  • Khalid Fahd
    Khalid Fahd

    Hey isfgteey Fight me In ROBLOX Friday night Funkin

  • Bentley Weir
    Bentley Weir

    I've been watching you for years and I'm 10 now I am like so freaking happy that y'all made it this far keep on going

  • Kyle Hunt
    Kyle Hunt

    yes fiday nigkt funkin

  • Francisca Formales
    Francisca Formales

    I love the last song

  • Ian Lopez
    Ian Lopez

    In roblox

  • Ian Lopez
    Ian Lopez

    I do your cod fgteev

  • Ian Lopez
    Ian Lopez

    Can you play the friday night funkin vs tricky mod pls

  • Ian Lopez
    Ian Lopez

    Sup. Bro

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    Daniels Family

    Liked the vid 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


    Im a pro at funki friday

  • Rosy Sanchez
    Rosy Sanchez

    play more friday night funkin! pls

  • Chong Keong
    Chong Keong

    Can you play Part 2 please

  • Griffin Playz
    Griffin Playz

    Can you add me friend

  • Donika Voca
    Donika Voca

    I kan not win dhe imposter in fridenigt fonken mjuzik

  • Aimy Margarette R. Eduarte
    Aimy Margarette R. Eduarte

    fnf is my favorite too! but its not dancing its singing

  • 4A賴葦華

    The Friday night game is so easy

  • Roy Nahumury
    Roy Nahumury

    SMOKE EM garcello headache

  • Roy Nahumury
    Roy Nahumury

    Do carol roll HaRd

  • Roy Nahumury
    Roy Nahumury

    Even i am good in harD ALSO ALT fnf THATS SOOOOO HrAD

  • Dawn Abao
    Dawn Abao

    omg lexl i fond your tiktok

  • Jessi Payne
    Jessi Payne

    Omg they got one of the easiest songs

  • Jessi Payne
    Jessi Payne

    If i 1v1 fgteev in fnf i would win

  • Jessada (jc) Coil
    Jessada (jc) Coil


  • bob is happy
    bob is happy

    I really wanna play with you but I’m not a LTwhiter or something 😭

  • Steve3534

    Funky Friday

  • Sebastian Muniz
    Sebastian Muniz


  • Zee Money
    Zee Money

    that's my name right there so if you I just I'm going if you find me I want to the frame me for tomorrow or later this happen tomorrow I know that I just want you to find me tomorrow that's all

  • Zee Money
    Zee Money

    I bet I can beat her my name is jayshaun well I can tell you by letters ashyne60


    Hi want to play with you guys my name is Master_redshdow

  • daisyandpaul

    I also got ADHD

  • Alanis Walker
    Alanis Walker


    • FGTeeV

      Please tell Jenesis Hello for us and thanks for watching!!

    • Alanis Walker
      Alanis Walker

      My daughter loves you guys, Her name is Jenesis :) she uses my youtube account.

    • FGTeeV

      Thanks for watching Alanis!!

  • Peter van der Helm
    Peter van der Helm

    What Sara Larsen

  • Ariana Grande Fan
    Ariana Grande Fan

    OMG ZARA LARSSON SHE IS MY 2ND FAV SINGER (first is Ariana Grande is first fave obvi) p.s sorry Zara

  • South

    2nd is not dance club is called Friday night funkin

  • RyanRyu

    Fnf is the best

  • Gil Nelfa
    Gil Nelfa

    Bruh Garcellos songs are just easy but you find it hard

  • Elvis Lara
    Elvis Lara

    ZaXxzaz is unlocked unlocked door open door is unlocked unlocked door open door is unlocked unlocked door open door is unlocked unlocked door open door is unlocked unlocked door open door is unlocked unlocked door v. V v

  • Kevin Brodber
    Kevin Brodber

    play funky friday again

  • Ben Zavier The Roblox Player
    Ben Zavier The Roblox Player

    In roblox

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    pizzas burgers shop

    Zara I like the song fff

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  • jessin saleel
    jessin saleel


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    Hey fgteev make a part 2

  • 100iQ

    Play Friday night Funkin not in Roblox

  • Dancelyino channel
    Dancelyino channel

    fgteev 1v1 me in funky friday

  • Ackup_A Al mujini
    Ackup_A Al mujini

    What next bridge worm I don’t know train eater highway worm

  • Linda Hart
    Linda Hart

    Me realizing they finally played friday night funkin

  • Thores 80
    Thores 80

    my fav game funky friday

  • Alan Tabarez gaming
    Alan Tabarez gaming

    1v1 sudsy pls

  • Alan Tabarez gaming
    Alan Tabarez gaming

    Am the best at fnf

  • Mylyn Marcelo
    Mylyn Marcelo

    The that Zara picked was headache

  • Rawda Alshorafa
    Rawda Alshorafa

    I love this video it s sooooooooo cool

  • DanicaPlays

    Zara and lex its so good huh

  • selever player
    selever player

    Fgteev I sub cool vid

  • XPxtato_GachaX

    the mlb fans when they said pound it:😱

  • Advayrus {AdvayaLove}
    Advayrus {AdvayaLove}

    Play the real Friday night funkin

  • Ian Bert Gatoc
    Ian Bert Gatoc

    im a pro of fnf

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    aaron aaron


  • Hanh Au
    Hanh Au

    Siren head is not talking

  • Gladys Torres
    Gladys Torres

    id destroy you in funky friday but im going easy on you my roblox name is txtJe5 i have a smile face and blue skin and blue hair and a wolf and moon shirt

  • Tony Gaming
    Tony Gaming

    srry for being toxic a month ago :(

  • Chloe games Gaming only
    Chloe games Gaming only

    Can you battle me in a 1v1 plz

  • Chloe games Gaming only
    Chloe games Gaming only


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    orca playz


  • DJ Silent Assassin
    DJ Silent Assassin

    Play ruthless rag dolls it cool and funny

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    jimmy jimmysimplice0806


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    Kenneth Pudder

    Play the real game and you will like it😎😼

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    Mohammad Khlifa

    Do the real one next time.

  • Gggggg

    I Watch your videos for 5 years

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    Kawhi Adam

    i fnf fn

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    Rocket Power

    I know the lyrics to those songs and as I’m singing it duddy is singing

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  • Angelica Palma Gil
    Angelica Palma Gil

    What about next video you play tricky expurgation and it must be hard mode

  • Tran Andy
    Tran Andy

    In roblox. -Andy

  • Tran Andy
    Tran Andy

    I just got hacked like 1000000 times