PIGGY's Rock, Paper, Scissors OH-Shoooot! (FGTeeV Fam vs. Book 2 Chapter 9: Docks || ROBLOX)
Piggy is a sore loser, plain and simple! That's it. I won't say anything else.
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    The question Mark??

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    Glitch trap-shadow glitch trap

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    Glitch trap-shadow glitch trap

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    Did Shawn just said a bad word 6:51

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    Fgteev duddy plz make a video of piggy chapter 10 it came out in book 2 plz record a Vedic of tht

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    Rayyan Siddique

    then lure the crawling creature near spawn and go down stairs where the dynamite door is and lure it to the coffin

  • Rayyan Siddique
    Rayyan Siddique

    those eyes are to get the crawling trap and u need the candle in order to click the 5 eyes

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