POOR ORANGES! ESCAPE my EVIL BOSS while distracted by Shawn (SMILING X Corp FGTeeV Gameplay/Skit)
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    Ayyy!!! Sup FGTeeVers! We spent a lot of time on this vid. We should have made 2 vids instead haha. There's so much in here and it's a vid we are proud to put out so we hope you enjoy the whole thing! :) Have an amazing Saturday!

    • Katie Shields
      Katie Shields

      Fgteev please play rider with the fam

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      CL - 07AR 974285 Sunny View MS

      @Primz Astos Opkmj

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      I have the books

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    Bruh I don't have a basement so I'm not subscribing but I'm subscribed because I love you're videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Chhetra Bdr Karki

    scary lixie and your mom and



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  • Fauziah Jaan
    Fauziah Jaan

    This video is really funny 🤭

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    Farina Farina

    hey fgteev you haven’t play a game called Friday night Funkin

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    Sara Byrd

    please play mr hopps playhouse

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    sinda king

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  • sharmi mani
    sharmi mani


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    Stacey Godfrey

    You are the best so funny

  • Cool Robert Gaming
    Cool Robert Gaming

    When Shawn spit the orange 11:35 I was like "Served you right!"

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    Soaking soaprblx


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    Boroy Sable

    [FGTeeV Lex]: Feegee: i should feegee juice you | WRONG SPEECH!

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    Hey guys I'm a big fat

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    Omar Chuy

    Roblox fgteev

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    milkchoco squad

    I like the part when he turned super saiyan duddy

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    Suzana Marinkovic

    If you're not making this the right way

  • Riott Crump
    Riott Crump

    Shawn is a cannibal . . . he turned duddz into a sandwich and ate duddy

  • ♡ Êmmä ♡
    ♡ Êmmä ♡

    I searched up shawns age and it said November 17th and I’m born on that day to same month same day just I was born in 2011

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  • baby alive awesomeness 😚
    baby alive awesomeness 😚

    Omg when it snaped my Best friend said I fell down

    • baby alive awesomeness 😚
      baby alive awesomeness 😚

      Lol I think I stared at the background

  • Tor Hooi Ling
    Tor Hooi Ling

    Hi I'm guoann

  • Puppy gamer
    Puppy gamer

    The part when you said destroy Shawn i laugh so hard😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Bridget Haas

    shawn: jessie twerking! feegee: whos twerking? me: LMAO IM DEAD

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    Charmin Walker

    Daddy will not sure what you would Lex I have been tll Lex do what hotdogs

  • Charmin Walker
    Charmin Walker

    l tell mommy lex scary teacher 3D

  • Charmin Walker
    Charmin Walker

    😡🤛🏾👊🏽💥🦂🐅🚚🔫🏹🗡🔐📱🏚 Lex Chase has been in dizzy for years and 🙍‍♀️🤜🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾

  • Venancia Jimenez
    Venancia Jimenez

    Duddy said my boss is going OOGATA BOOGATA made me laugh so dang freaking hard

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      Cool Robert


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    Julian Damus

    I’m a big fan and I love your videos I hope you have a great day

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    Khyzyl Rych Ledesma

    Did fgteev likes anime?

  • Max,s crazy cool family friendly channel
    Max,s crazy cool family friendly channel

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    Robin Wilkins

    Man this is the best idea to put HGTV and Dad and Sean in a class room room I don't understand this hahaha.

  • Max,s crazy cool family friendly channel
    Max,s crazy cool family friendly channel

    Play smiling x 0

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    Pedro Henrique Assis



    I thought he said that the cup was tweaking

  • Navera Bukhari
    Navera Bukhari

    FGTeeV can you make more smile x corp please

  • Navera Bukhari
    Navera Bukhari

    I like that side you and Shawn fighting that's is funny right

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    The op kid

    The intros this guy has

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    Hunter Go

    Can u play roblox and play Bitcoin miner

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    jasper lee

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    Levi 🖕🏻

    When u turn of the lights it looks like floating glasses lol

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    Salma Saran

    Chad wild clay needs your help

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    samuel raj

    You are funny in drilling the lemon

  • Yolanda Servanditoamor
    Yolanda Servanditoamor

    The way shawn said stop lol

  • Hannah Polete
    Hannah Polete

    Omg burn fgteev is burn wh e n he said ((no you are)) to his boss🤯


    i think that he cant see u


    cool vid


    3:21 low


      3:56 low

  • Vladimír Polda
    Vladimír Polda

    Play smile x corp 2

  • Vladimír Polda
    Vladimír Polda

    Play smile x corp

  • jasper lee
    jasper lee

    Fgteev You Can Play Smiling-X 2 And Erich Sann And Emily And Nightgate

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    Briella Tolley

    I heard that game before I was too afraid to play it so I deleted it

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    fnf drawing on flippa clip

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    Slime Maker 1000

    0:10 Duddy: (i think this is what he said) me god thats Naruto Subtitles: me god thats the

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    Salama Alfalahi

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    Turaab Raza

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    Turaab Raza

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    It was funny when Shawn was trying to make Orange juice and y'all make me feel great

  • Danial Darvand
    Danial Darvand



    Erich Sann is a horror game made by the same developer, check it out, but be careful, Thinknoodles split open his toe during one of the jumpscares.

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    Riyam Taha

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    Alex Gonzalez

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    Alex Gonzalez

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    Alex Gonzalez

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    Alex Gonzalez

    Fed officials have warned that 4it that 6reigns reigns are

  • Christinette Cstd
    Christinette Cstd

    Why did i actually felt that spray in my eye 14:19

  • chocolate

    He said daddy duddy is so dumb he said dont call me fatty

  • Splendid Gamer
    Splendid Gamer

    11:24 I 57% think that he is hiding the straw behind he's cheek and I 79% believe that He's drinking it

  • Angelica Bishop
    Angelica Bishop

    All fgteev videos are so funny because cuz my daughter always watching it shake it all the time because we moved because whatever whenever her sister and her brother go back to their own house they go to their own house I'm homeschooling my daughter if you you cannot use the phone while she's doing the homeschooling call me whenever she is done she can have the phone back

  • R .T
    R .T

    Fgteev there smile Corp 2 it looks achingly scary and realistic the guy looks like crow and is sooo cool

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    Manny Rodriguez

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    Kaila Stowell

    Shawn is still like his younger self (2 years old)

    • Kaila Stowell
      Kaila Stowell

      But more smarter

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    Marcus Gaming14 and Vianca Gaming13

    Do u still not want anyone calling u doddy?? Lol

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    Sathvika A

    0:03 hahahahahaaaaaaaaaah

  • rot

    What's the thumbnail of this? But this video is really good , Also funny but it wasn't that long but it's okay , this was a very good video , and a good LTwhiter.

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    arnold aquino

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