HAPPY WHEELS 6 Player Race! Lose = Delete Youtube Channel (FGTeeV x Among Us, Piggy, Mortal Kombat)
The whole fam goes Head to Head in a Massive Happy Wheels x Among Us / Piggy / Baldis Basics / Mortal Kombat Race! Who will finish first each time? But the Mortal Kombat stage really starts to heat things up and a dumb wager is made. Pre-order New FGTeeV's Psycho Pig Party Pack: amzn.to/2Qn6e15 &/or FGTeeV B.E.A.T.S. Boombox: amzn.to/3flEBhn
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

  • Jasmine Kate Cardaño
    Jasmine Kate Cardaño

    I dont like moomy

  • Dz Raw
    Dz Raw

    Or you play Happy We

  • Kingstyn plays
    Kingstyn plays


  • Umie El
    Umie El

    8:38 watch your mouth Shawn 🥺

  • Katrina Johnson
    Katrina Johnson

    Dont delete it

  • GreatGuyZweMi

    1:49 chase that not funny

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    Chestin Combs


  • Dilhani LRM
    Dilhani LRM

    Hey shawn is swarring

  • Coolkidxavier 201
    Coolkidxavier 201

    16:41 mom rages

  • Yuan Thimoty
    Yuan Thimoty

    On 6:33 minute video mommy say humu nuku oh i forgot the rest and i was laughing so hard

  • Opheebop


  • feasting wFatheads
    feasting wFatheads

    I’m proud of Shawn because he beat his own father🥲

  • Gretchen perry
    Gretchen perry

    Aww shawn's first uh oh word 8:36

  • Lindsey Mathewson
    Lindsey Mathewson

    I’ve watched all of you videos and I’m still trying to get robux from you guys so can you please give robux to snipedwoo and I’m your biggest fan I subscribe and hit the like so can you please give me robux

  • A&M Channel 💋
    A&M Channel 💋

    Fgteev mum is funny

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    wyatt danner

    why wus shawn kising

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    Shantelle Daez


  • Maksinal plays poklanow
    Maksinal plays poklanow

    Did shon just said f**k😱😱😱😱😱

    • Maksinal plays poklanow
      Maksinal plays poklanow

      He's 5 years old😰

  • Hiren Lemma
    Hiren Lemma

    5:55, 5:56, 5:57, and 5:58Uhhhhhhhhhh

  • Oscar Morales444
    Oscar Morales444


  • Kurt Sebastian Teves
    Kurt Sebastian Teves

    shawn no cursing pls

  • Kingstyn plays
    Kingstyn plays

    14:00 imagine not knowing how to speak

  • Maria Nambo
    Maria Nambo

    People before hey wanna be friends? Kids now: Wanna be my friend? What game do u play Fortnite and gacha other games are doo doo sheesh

  • Hilda Guadarrama
    Hilda Guadarrama

    You did not ugly believe you actually LTwhite channel🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  • Frank & Ruiz
    Frank & Ruiz


  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    10:00 9:06 2:50

  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10


  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10


  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    MIKE DIE 11:10

  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    HAHA 10:09

  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    13:19 SMASH

  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    HAHA 10:08

  • _.simply. nevaeh
    _.simply. nevaeh

    Fgteev can you bring me the fgteev 🎤

  • jimmy jimmysimplice0806
    jimmy jimmysimplice0806


  • Yeet Forever
    Yeet Forever

    I’ll give you advice do not play Mortal Kombat 11 it is gory it is brutal and they give you a warning you should read the warning for more combat 11 before you play

  • Trey Moses
    Trey Moses

    Shawn almost say bad words

  • Sunset_ Playz123✨
    Sunset_ Playz123✨

    "if you won, it doesn't mean the game is easy.. just wait and see" -Me


    shawn swearing😂😂😂 he is too young to be swearing

  • Ilias Elasri
    Ilias Elasri


  • Ilias Elasri
    Ilias Elasri

    downd delet de fgteev cus i love fgteev


    moomys angy

  • MZC Did It
    MZC Did It


  • K Izzy
    K Izzy

    It’s not hard Says the one who tripped on a camera

  • Oreo Plays Roblox
    Oreo Plays Roblox

    8:37 of shawn making bad word

  • domingo meza
    domingo meza

    Nonsense he's colorblind

  • domingo meza
    domingo meza


  • ROBLOX me and mokyusei with lankybox and other
    ROBLOX me and mokyusei with lankybox and other

    *dying of laughing and pass out*

  • Summan Lakhany
    Summan Lakhany

    Fgteev you are good

  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10


  • Dillancito 10
    Dillancito 10

    Key lessons g

  • Aaya Siab
    Aaya Siab

    Umm...is Shawn actually swearing or did he just say fffffff

  • StevenDrakePlaysGames09


  • Vansh Patil
    Vansh Patil

    Shawn almost said f word

  • Yeliel Guzman
    Yeliel Guzman

    Why is Shawn saying bad word

  • E JMS
    E JMS

    11:54 there was 2 duddies

    • E JMS
      E JMS

      nvm that was rounds

  • •Tired_bunny•


  • Crvena Beretka
    Crvena Beretka

    is your name fgteev??????????? in real life

  • João Pedro Guimarães Silva
    João Pedro Guimarães Silva

    Play more goat simulator plz 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Flipin me
    Flipin me


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    Theora Eve Aquino


  • Theora Eve Aquino
    Theora Eve Aquino


  • Theora Eve Aquino
    Theora Eve Aquino


  • Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad

    Mike gets toxic in the last lvl

  • Levi Blount
    Levi Blount

    Shawn:He fAt cHuMbY 5:59

  • 1P Alien Ethan 👽
    1P Alien Ethan 👽

    I just know that this is made on my br-bay

    • RandomIce

      What's a br-bay?????

  • MoonOfTerror

    Its crazy how a fanily friendly channel plays happy wheels without blurring anything, thats something new..

    • Tomas

      they curse though

  • Rick Rob
    Rick Rob


  • Rick Rob
    Rick Rob


  • Daniel _Mirzaie
    Daniel _Mirzaie

    Fgteev don't be mad when you die on a game because you will get a heart attack im not joking

  • Saurabh Takkar
    Saurabh Takkar

    FTTV daddy did you actually deleted the FTTV please you didn’t

  • MACK CHI CHUNG 麥智聰 2C20
    MACK CHI CHUNG 麥智聰 2C20

    Don’t say omygod

  • ☆ツGelatoッ★

    Shawn to mike: 3:59 Mike:*beats it before shawn* 5:25

  • ProPlayz

    Mike’s screen is still loading hahaha

  • Avelino Lingat II
    Avelino Lingat II


  • James Grider
    James Grider

    Street Fighter + Happy Wheels = This Viedo

    • James Grider
      James Grider

      Awesome 🙃

    • James Grider
      James Grider

      It means this Video was awese

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    Luz De jesus

    You are cool

  • Luz De jesus
    Luz De jesus

    Fgtv you are the best

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  • Jang Carranza
    Jang Carranza

    Yes i do

  • e・

    Play get eaten roblox again

  • Christopher Ballatan
    Christopher Ballatan

    i am so grateful for you fgteev god bless you.🎈💖❤💗

  • Catis

    10:42 to 10:47 what

  • Sharky YT
    Sharky YT

    I wish I was in your family

  • Yummo

    10:37 Duds is a pro gamer.

    • Yummo

      11:19 Mike too

  • lanceyo1327

    Fgteev play more

  • George Brooks
    George Brooks

    im grand doter love your videos

  • Kenzie-Lee gets Barney errors and other errors
    Kenzie-Lee gets Barney errors and other errors

    6:33 Hunu nuku apa pap a

  • DinoMJ Gaming
    DinoMJ Gaming


  • Michael F.
    Michael F.

    Do fnf whitty in the reoll game

  • Laoboy K
    Laoboy K

    12:00 Dudz/Feegee:MICHAEL! Me:You sound like William Afton Mad at Michael Afton 💃🏻

    • -Moonlight-

      Fnaf is just so good

  • Aallyha Betancourt
    Aallyha Betancourt

    i am poor

  • Aallyha Betancourt
    Aallyha Betancourt

    fgteev TV duddy I need robux

  • The Orange Apple Genius
    The Orange Apple Genius

    lol moomy killed me when she said if that yellow thing kills me I swear 😂

    • Cecilia Ly
      Cecilia Ly


    • Eaint Thanzinko
      Eaint Thanzinko

      Wait you are in the GAME reply fast! YES or NO

  • Raeanna Brown
    Raeanna Brown

    Why did you Delete your LTwhite Channel

  • Raeanna Brown
    Raeanna Brown

    All of them are sooooo easy

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    Elysia Taman

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      Elysia Taman

      why not

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    Elysia Taman

    please dont delete your channel

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    Jenni Dekock

    I mickey I 6