New AMONG US GhostBusters MOD + ROBLOX Piggy Book 2 Chapter 8 INSANITY 🤪 (The SHIP Gameplay)
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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    gaming with jing yang


  • gaming with jing yang
    gaming with jing yang


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    Me watching this trying to do a rubix cube:ME completing it:*Singing happy bday for no reason*

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    TIKY and snorky the elephant and tito turtle

    Wait 0:13

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    If it is a yes tipe it pls

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    0:12 reminds me from a long time ago I almost started crying when i heard the intro

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    Wait i see. color it,s green blue red and yellow

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      I’m in soo love with case

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    I love you case

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    I have been watching you for 6 years

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    Me: omg I love dis vid :chase I'm a real pro

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    That's what I say :dud farts :me and chase what was that

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    I love piggy but my brother play piggy on my Big sis Xbox 😘😘😮😮😮🗯️🗯️🗯️

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    Adonis samante

    Omg i didint realize the old intro

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    He make 9&10 fgteev

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    Why does Shawn's face look weird when do playing the Among Us

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    Lol so funny

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    Very good content I'm not lying

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    Daddy is disgusting

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    Me: * me singing* star code fgteev !!! I like the song shawn is so good he exit the alley hes so good good job shawn

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    New captr in piggy in bolck 2

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      Kale Mainville

      New chapter in piggy block 2

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    beth clet

    Where did shawn learn a bad word

  • gaming with jing yang
    gaming with jing yang


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    ~.Elizabeth Afton.~

    When Fgteev is near piggy: SNICKER DOODLES

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    That...intro is...nostalgic.

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    Your past 10M you have 19M almost 20M

  • gaming with jing yang
    gaming with jing yang


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    I asked you guys on roblox

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    Do more of these!! I love themmmm

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    play among us is just get an uptade

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    Omg chapter 10 came out book2

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    I know what is chapter 10 piggy name spidella

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    hey vg can u play wacky wizard

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    3:31 It's Gas, not air But SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANEL!

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    Sean said the Frick Word and on camera

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    Shawn is so different

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    Chapter 9 out and 10

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    Nil akash nil akash

    FG TV Player objective C roblox natural disaster

  • Nil akash nil akash
    Nil akash nil akash

    HD TV play S TV play roblox

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    18:28 check out among us mod! 😊

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    Lex was saying Shawn stop SCEAMING😂

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    Ethan Says

    The part when Shawn was screaming was so funny

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    Link descripción ☺☺☺☺

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    The intro haven't changed from the starting of the channel that's pretty cool

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    I guess u can say your screwed 😂😂😂get it cuz duddy had a Screwdriver

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    gaming with jing yang


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    Like a burrito cooking in 8 instead of cooking inside of a cookie jar

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